Thursday, July 12, 2018

Big Boy Bed and Build-A-Bear

Monday night, Quinn's sleepsac officially died. (Yes, it's comical that he still was even using a sleepsac considering his two feet created huge holes at the bottom of it, but he insisted.)  The zipper refused to close.  And Quinn said he couldn't sleep in his crib without it, so he wanted to try to sleep in his big boy bed (which has been in his room for the past three months but he has been saying, "When I turn four, I will sleep in my big boy bed).  We also happened to pick out new bedding for him that morning, which added to the decision. And my boy did great--two weeks shy of his fourth birthday!  He went straight to sleep and stayed in his own bed until 4am.  Night two, he went right to sleep and slept until 7am.  Plus he's gone down for naps each day as well.   As a reward because we were so excited for him, we took him to Build-a-Bear for an early birthday present.  Such a big boy.
 Meet Lola, Javy, and Rizzo!

Pleasant Home

Explored some Oak Park history today on a Pleasant Home Scavenger hunt.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

M Go Blue

Q has rediscovered his Michigan hat and is loving it.  So is his mama.

Book Club: Charlotte's Web

Lauren, Ava, Liv and I decided to start a mother-daughter book club.  Tonight was our first choice - Charlotte's Web by E. B White.  I introduced Livie to Pinterest and we got a few ideas and were off to planning!
 We started with spiderweb and pig cupcakes.
 Then we decided on a craft where we weaved webs out of yarn and then each wrote words that we thought described each other., just like Charlotte did in her web for Wilbur.  Ava's word for me was "Amazing Like God" -- I'll take it!

Half Bath Re-do

It's not in the budget to retile the half bathroom, but I have hated the weird lime-green tile since the day we moved in and have talked about painting it for the past three years.  So this week I bit the bullet. 
 An improvement.  Plain white tile with a pop of fun bright blue on the wall.

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