Friday, July 31, 2015

3.5 Years Old

Grahamie is 3.5 years old today! Happy half-way-to-four birthday!
Our middle man continues to keep us all entertained and on our toes on a daily basis. He has more facial expressions that any other three-year-old we know. His current sport of choice is t-ball as he loves to "crank it" with his special yellow bat from Daddy.  The weekly Red Wings games are a definitely highlight for him. Instead of staying in his wonderful bed all night, we often wake to find him on the couch in our bedroom asleep or talking aloud in the middle of the night. Olivia and Graham continue to be best-buds and play very well together most of the time.  His best friend remains our next door neighbor, Pierce, who G is constantly hugging goodbye at the end of each day's play session. 
Overall, Grahamie continues to be awesome and we love everything about him. He's excited to start three-year-old preschool at First United in the fall and we're talking about him playing soccer too. More good times ahead!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

One Year Stats

We knew Q was a chubby fellow, but his one-year appointment and stats pretty much reconfirmed that officially today. 
Height: 31 inches (87th percentile)
Weight: 25 pounds (92nd percentile)
Head circumference: 46.9 cm (73rd percentile)
BMI: 18.31 kg/m2

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Welcome to Miami

A fun few adult only days in Miami. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Birthday Boy!

We started Quinn's birthday with a few presents from his siblings and breakfast.
We've been enjoying all Q's new presents...
And had a fun backyard pool-lunch with the Pero ladies.
Happy 1st Birthday Quinnie!! (Mommy will miss you when I'm in Miami…)

Let Him Eat Cake!

We've got t-ball tonight for the older kids, so we sang and treated Quinnie with a lunch cupcake.  He's really got the hang of the cake thing...


My sweet, chubby, adorable baby Q turns one today!  The year went too fast! But when I think about it, Quinn's really been there with us for the adventure of the past two years.  He lived in my belly at both 1441 Augusta and 1522 Bonnie Brae, then was born at 1522 and was the perfect boy through our house hunt and move to 1212. Thank our lucky stars that he's been such an easy-going, happy and adaptable baby.
Quinnie loves life. He's a good eater, sleeper, and napper. He is BOY through and through-- pushing cars all over the floor, wrestling with Grahamie, throwing toys. He's more and more easily entertained each day and really letting his personality show. He's got a great deep belly laugh and chuckle and his babble is getting cuter each day. He loves to clap and wave and we're working on pointing to his body parts. He's also started leaning in for a big squeeze when you ask for a hug. Adorable.
Q has three teeth on the bottom, and on the verge of three on the top. His solo standing continues to improve and he's able to bend up and down to grab things without falling.  It feels like he could start taking steps within days or weeks and I know he will when he's ready (probably while Sam and I are away in Miami so I miss it and feel guilty).  In the meantime, he's adopted a crab-walk when outside to avoid scrapping his knees. Smart boy.
Overall, I just adore everything about my baby boy and how he's completed our little family. Happy 1st birthday Quinnie-pie! We love you.
Likes: Playing peek-a-boo with his siblings, wrestling Graham, pushing cars around the floor, throwing food, mimicking sounds

Dislikes: staying still while getting diapers changed

Favorite Foods: strawberries, peaches, cheese, mac n cheese, animal crackers

Up Next: walking!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Month-by-Month Baby Q

Watch my baby Quinn grow!

Here are his brother and sister's 12 month photos too.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Camp Quinn!

We celebrated Quinn's 1st birthday tonight with our family.  It was the first time we've hosted a party at the new house and fun to start creating birthday memories here. I can't quite believe my baby is already turning one this week, so I thought he deserved a good ol' theme party.

Welcome to Camp Quinn!
 We made our own trail mix...
We went on a scavenger hunt….
In honor of our big guy, we catered Johnnie's beefs…yum yum...
 Then on to our sweets…s'more bites, make your own sundae bar and a smash cake for Quinn that his cousins helped him get started on...
 He really got the hang of it quickly.
Happy start of your 1st birthday week Quinnie! We love you.

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