Friday, November 30, 2012

10 Months Old!

Graham is 10 months old today and seems more and more like a toddler than a baby. He's busy busy busy and all over the place cruising, crawling, climbing, and creeping. He's becoming more verbal with his adorable babble all throughout the day and his "Mama Mama Mama" is music to my ears.
Graham loves to play with Olivia, follow her around and often tackles her to the ground. He's a wee bit aggressive and laughs every time he gets a hold of her hair.  Liv has taken to running away from him which is very funny.  He's great at playing with toys and everything still goes directly into his mouth.
Overall, he's as sweet as can be and a real Mama's boy these days.  We didn't think it was possible, but his cry has gotten even louder and we're pretty confident he could set a record for the decibel when he really gets going. He definitely has my stubbornness and persistence :)

Likes:  food! (specifically noodles, cheese, strawberries, turkey)

Dislikes: diaper changes, getting his nails trimmed

Up Next: walking and solo standing

Ninia Nelsener

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cooking Partners

Feeling Festive

Despite the flu bug and surgeries that have surrounded us this past week, we've been getting into the holiday spirit.  Fun to see our family of four (plus Penny) in stockings.
And an Elf on the Shelf has come to live with us!  His formal name is Sneaky the Elf, but Liv has nicknamed him "Uh-Oh" which seems appropriate for when he catches her doing naughty things.  I'll keep track of our Elf's hiding spots and see where he shows up over the next few weeks.

Goo Be Gone

Brave Graham had surgery on his eyes today at Lurie's Children's Hospital to fix his blocked tear ducts. He did great and even managed to bat a few eyes at the nurses (as long as he was in Mama's arms). We are just glad to have it over and now G can enjoy the holidays with clear eyes.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sick Turkeys

Our Thanksgiving started out delightful with a trip to the park on an unseasonably warm morning...
And then some dancing to the Macy's Day Parade...
And then all the turkeys hit the fan and the puking for Olivia began.  Poor little thing spent Thanksgiving cuddling with Mom on the couch watching Mickey Mouse. When Liv woke up Friday, all seemed better....until Mom got the dreaded stomach bug too. All seems better now and all has been disinfected!

Friday, November 16, 2012


This boy likes to get into trouble (dumping the dog bowl, climbing on top of furniture, etc)...but generally puts his little finger in his mouth with this adorable smile when you catch him. How could you stay mad at that face?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Penny!

Happy 6th Birthday Princess Penelope Grace of Bucktown!
 We've been trying to shower you with extra love, treats and pets this week to show you how much we love you.  You are a wonderful dog, even on the days you drive me nuts.  
 Olivia and Graham adore you, but beware once G starts walking because he's out to attack you!
Don't look so sad....Sam promises we're going to get you a yard next spring or summer.


Graham and Liv are taking their first class together, a Wiggleworms class at the Old Town School of Music. So far, they both seem to be loving it.  Liv dances like a crazy person all around the room, while G crawls towards the instruments and frequently gets distracted looking at himself in the mirror.

Big Belly Laughs

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meeting Elmo

Liv only liked to say hello to Elmo from at least ten feet away. Graham got up close and personal.

Friday, November 9, 2012

G Speaks!

I am officially declaring Graham's first word as "Mama." Yes, lots of it is babble, but at night when he's crying, he's definitely calling for his mama. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Haircut

 Liv keeps saying "I got a hair do."


Graham and I voted for Obama.  Olivia decided to vote for Ellie and B.

Up and Moving

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saoirse's Special Guest

I got to be Saoirse's special guest in her preschool class today. It was wonderful and we did art with magic noodles. Thanks for making me feel so special goddaughter!
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