Thursday, May 26, 2016

FUNS End of Year Singalong

Last Day of Pre-K3

Grahamie looks so much older than he did in September!  And it appears he is slowly starting to grow into his ears:)  Such a handsome and sweet guy. Onto summer 2016!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Party in the Park

Room 21's last official party and get together before school ends tomorrow. 
Thanks to Ms. Bell for a wonderful year! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Harry Potter

Stitches out. Bandaids off. Healed. Now onto scar treatment oils and lotions. 

Monday, May 23, 2016


These two have become real buds lately. Mostly playing nice together with it often turning into wrestling or tackling matches. Boys. 

22 Months Old

Mr. Q is 22 months old today, ticking his way quickly toward his second birthday. Quinn's personality continues to develop with much mischief, humor, giggles and high-pitched screams.  Sam thinks he could even be funnier than Graham, so we'll see. I like to think of Quinnie as fat and happy, at least most of the time. He's getting more coordinating and more confident and sturdy getting around the park, but still could walk off a cliff. In the past month, his vocabulary has started to quickly expand (finally) and he's also beginning to put two words together. He loves to point out body parts on his brother and sister. He's started to be able to hit the ball off a tee and kick around the soccer ball in the backyard. He's loving trucks, trains and cars, both playing with them and reading books about them.
The most significant development in the past month has been his use of the word, "Help!"  He uses it constantly when he doesn't want to be doing what he is currently doing.  For example, grocery shopping with mom, he yells from the cart, "Help! Help! Help!," while trying to escape the cart. I am getting lots of strange looks from other shoppers. Or at tball when he doesn't want to be sitting watching the game. Or when I am trying to bring him into the house from playing outside. Or when he's strapped into the stroller at school pick-up.  You get the idea.
New words: teeth, fire truck, high-five, hat, shoe, bar, car, book
Favorite activities: brushing his teeth, playing cars, dancing
New skills: Counting to two (I saw "one" and he says "two!" and then hugs me)

 Slow down time!  My baby is getting so big!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Taste of Camporee

To top off a busy weekend, Liv and her troop got to have their first Girl Scout outing to the forest preserves for crafts, games, and songs. 


The Pitcher

Livie got to play the pitcher position for the first time at her game today.  I felt a little nervous, but she did absolutely amazing.  She knew exactly what to do-- get the team ready with, "Crocs ready? You betty!" and then faked pitched.  Then she field two balls, threw to first and got two outs!  Go Livie!

Backyard Picnic

Cinderella at the Joffrey

Such a special treat to see Cinderella by the Joffrey Ballet with Grandma. 

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